Q: Where did these tones come from, and what are they for?
A: These audio tone downloads are a spiritual art form, channeled for the purpose of vibrational attunement, energy balancing, and spiritual healing. They were translated and recorded into digital material through Spiropathix, and are not currently available through any other source.  Spiropathix tones are designed for use as a meditation tool, and are labeled to help balance corresponding energy patterns.

Q: How many people can use these tones from one purchase?
A: Your purchase entitles you to unlimited use for yourself and members of your immediate household.  Practitioner use is unlimited for yourself and/or your clients, within your personal home and office. We thank you for not forwarding your tones to others without purchase.  We ask that you respect the time, care, and thousands of hours of work that went in to the creation of this healing opportunity. Your contribution allows us to continue our development of new possibilities for healing, for our community and the world.

Q: I purchased audio files, but I can’t find them. Where are they?      
A: Your audio files are available to download directly from the purchase confirmation page. An email was also sent with a link to download your purchase. Open your email and click on the name of the audio file. If you did not get a purchase confirmation, check your spam folder and your promotions tab. Most of the time that’s where they are hiding if they are not in your inbox. If not, please send us a message through the contact form and we will send you a new link.

Q: I purchased audio files on my iPhone, but when they play, all I see is a black screen and I can’t see the title. What happened?     
A: When you are playing Spiropathix tones on your phone from a black screen and can not see their names, or if the screen says, “live broadcast,” you are accessing them from a link to the website, which will expire in 30 days. (Apple only allows you to download audio files onto an iPhone if purchased from iTunes.) Spiropathix audio files need to be downloaded on a computer or iPad from the email you received from us, and then transferred to your Apple device via Documents (in Finder) through iTunes, or via a third party app. Android phones may allow you to download your tones directly into your media player, where the title will be displayed.

Q: I purchased an audio file a month ago and it worked fine, but now it won’t play. What should I do?
A: You have probably been playing your audio file directly from a link to the website. The link expires after two weeks. You need to download the audio file onto your computer, iPad, or android phone. You can not download directly onto an iPhone. If you no longer have the email with the link, you may send a contact form email requesting a new link at no charge. Open the email on your computer, and click on the link.

Q: How can I download my audio files onto my iPad?
Download your audio files onto iPad from the Purchase Confirmation or email link.  Your downloads can be found in Files / Documents on the desktop.  Once your audio files are in Files, you will also automatically find them in your iPhone if both devices have the same Apple ID.

Q: How can I play my audio files on my iPhone?
It is not currently possible to download Spiropathix audio files directly onto an iPhone from an iPhone email.  Download your audio files onto your Mac computer from the Purchase Confirmation or email link. On your computer, look in your downloads to find the audio file. Drag the audio file from downloads onto your desktop. From there you can drag it into Documents, iTunes, or the data storage app or media player that is easiest for you. If your tones were saved into Files on your Mac computer or your iPad, your downloads can automatically be found in Files / Documents on your phone desktop if both devices have the same Apple ID.  If you do not have compatible devices, or this seems difficult, you can send a message via contact form, and we will text message your tones directly to your phone. You may also order your tones on an iPhone compatible flash drive.

Q: Can I receive my tones by text message?
If you would you prefer to receive your tones by text message, purchase the tone as usual, then send us a contact form requesting “please text my tones.”   Tap on the text message audio icon to play.  Tones may disappear from your text message after two weeks.  For iPhone, please upload your tone into notes on iCloud.  Then you will still have your tones saved to your notes where you can find them, even if you lose or update your phone.

Q: Can I receive my tones on an iOS flash drive?
If you want to access and play your audio files more easily on a repeatable playlist on your iPhone or iPad,  select and purchase the lightening drive.  Don’t forget to enter your mailing address.  We will send your audio files on a flash drive that connects directly to your Apple device with playlist capability, no tech wizardry or computer know-how required!

Q: How can I make a playlist on my iPhone or iPad without a computer?
A:  To make a playlist, we suggest you download your tones into “iTunes”, now called “Music” onto your computer and make a playlist that you can transfer to your iPhone or iPad. If this seems too difficult, you can purchase a Spiropathix lightening drive with a readymade playlist, that plugs directly into your iPhone or iPad.

Q: Is there a way to make these audio files repeat so I don’t have to keep pressing play after 5 minutes?
A: Yes, you can request that we send you an iOS compatible lightening drive with your audio files pre-loaded in a playlist folder.  You can plug the lightening drive into your phone, download the CooDisk app, and instantly play a pre-made play list.

Alternately, you can use iTunes, Evermusic, or other media players to generate a playlist with all the audio files you want to use at one time.  To make an iTunes audio file playlist for your phone and computer, open the email from Spiropathix on your computer, click the link to download purchased files, then drag and drop from downloads into iTunes. From iTunes you can create a playlist, and transfer the playlist to your phone. Select the option to repeat one song, or repeat the whole playlist, for continuous play. Enter a five minute audio file three times to make it play for 15 minutes in a row. For more information, Google “How to make an iTunes playlist.” You can download audio files and make a playlist directly on most android (non-apple) smart phone music players, without purchasing additional apps.

Q: My tones stop playing on my phone after 30 seconds or 3 minutes. How can I fix that?
A: Check your phone’s auto lock setting. Your phone may be set to automatically turn off to save the battery. On an iPhone, go to Settings, Display and Brightness, Auto-Lock, and change settings to 5 minutes or never.
Some people have commented that the iPhone 7 or above may shut down if playing the tones too loudly for it’s sensitivity. Set the volume to 2/3, or bluetooth tones to an external speaker.

Q: Can I connect my device to a different speaker?
A: You may play Spiropathix recordings directly from your phone, tablet or computer. For increased impact, you may connect your device via aux cord or bluetooth to a more powerful external speaker. You may even play tones on a car bluetooth speaker.

Q: How close do I need to have my device to my body to get maximum benefit.
A: You may benefit from these audio tones by placing your device anywhere within auditory range. For increased intensity, you may place your device speaker directly against your body. To reduce undesired cell phone radiation, you may turn your device on airplane mode during use, unless you are playing them from an offline storage app, like Dropbox, that requires wifi.

Q: Why do some of the selections sound unpleasant?
A: Tone combinations are selected based on their vibrational, rather than musical qualities. Therefore, several frequencies in combination may be rather discordant, and not especially pleasing to the ears.

Q: How long and how often should I play these tones?
A: Toning practice is personal to each individual.  If you are new to this system, we suggest starting slowly by playing each tone through one time, one new tone a day, to gauge your response.  Once you are confident, you can play as long and as often as you like.  We suggest learning some form of muscle testing, so you can test yourself to gauge what is most beneficial.

Q: Do I have to listen to the sound with my ears?
A: These audio tones are designed to provide a vibration wave to your body, not necessarily to your ears. As long as your speaker is within auditory range of your body, you can even wear ear plugs or noise canceling headphones.  It is possible to benefit from subtle audio-range vibrations through the use of a silent transmitter.  See www.spirogenix.com for a selection of silent transmitter devices you can connect to your phone or computer.

Q: How can I use muscle testing or kinesiology to decide which tones are best for me to use?
A: Spiropathix audio files are numbered to correspond with Spirobiotix kinesiology kits. We encourage individuals to learn and practice muscle testing for their own self-empowerment. See www.Spirobiotix.com

Q: Is this Rife?
A: No, this is not a Rife system, although the vibrational concept may have some similarities. Spiropathix does not use Rife frequencies, plasma tubes, or electrical currents to transmit vibrations through your body, and does not require that you purchase expensive Rife devices. Spiropathix uses a proprietary database of sound waves, not available on any rife devices, which was developed to promote optimum energy balancing and vibrational attunement. Vibrations can be transmitted through a cell phone, computer, home theater system, or other audio device you already own.

Q: Do these tones cure Lyme Disease, Coronavirus, or Cancer?
A: Spiropathix recordings are not a medical system, and we do not claim to treat or cure Lyme Disease, Coronavirus, Cancer, or any other medical illness or condition.  Spiropathix tones are provided as a tool for energy balancing and for attunement meditation. Spiropathix and it’s owners and associates do not offer or provide medical consultation or advice, and we do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or mental, diseases, conditions or illnesses. We recommend that you consult a qualified medical health professional if you are experiencing health concerns. We hope you will find these tones to be balancing and uplifting, but we do not promise or guarantee any specific outcomes.

Q: I played these tones, and now I don’t feel well. What should I do?
A: Some people may have a strong reaction to beginning a new meditation practice with our tones. If you don’t feel well for any reason, slow down or discontinue playing audio recordings. We encourage you to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical health issues.

Q: Are these tones safe to use on myself, my children, and my pets?
A: Spirobiotix recordings are combinations of several notes or tones in the auditory range, intended to support your meditation practice. We are of the opinion that they are completely safe and beneficial to listen to for adults, children and pets, just as any ambient music you might choose to listen to for meditation or contemplation.  As with any personal practice or product, if you experience an undesired response, discontinue use.

Q: I would like to use these tones for myself and my family, but I don’t have the funds.  Can you help?
A: Send your request via contact form.  Discounts may be available upon request.

Blessings to you.