Meditation Tones

MP3 Audio Files For Energy Balancing

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* Receive your tones on a Lightening Flashdrive for iPhone

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* Spiropathix Complete Professional Library

This USB iOS Lightening Flash Drive kit contains the complete Spiropathix library of over 500 audio files.
A $10,000.00 Value if purchased individually!

* Spiropathix Travelers Kit

This USB iOS Lightening Drive kit contains the travelers library of more than 100 audio files essential for world travelers.
A $2,000.00 Value!

* Cold and Flu Energy Balancing Kit

This iOS USB lightening drive contains 13 Audio Files to support your seasonal well-being.

* Lyme and Co-Infections Energy Balance Starter Kit

Save $25.00 over individual tones.
Download 15 audio files with just one click!
Add iOS lightening drive item to cart to also receive this set on a flash drive.

* Lyme and Co-Infections L-LX Complete Energy Balance Kit

Download the complete 86 audio file L-LX kit set, all with one click. ($1,720. value) Corresponds with Spirobiotix L-LX test vial kits. Add iOS lightening drive item to cart to …

* Onco Energy Balancing Playlist Kit

This iOS USB flash drive contains 9 Onco-related playlists, and over 30 individual tones to support your wellbeing, while living with cancer. For energy-balancing purposes. Not intended as cancer treatment.

#1 COVID-19 (4-20-20 update)

Energy balancing for Viral Disruption