Meditation Tones

MP3 Audio Files For Energy Balancing

#2 COVID-19 (4-20-20 update)

Energy balancing for Breath of Life and lung support

#3 COVID-19 (4-20-20 update)

Energy Balancing for Immune Recovery

#4 COVID-19 (4-20-20 update)

Planetary Healing for Fear and Isolation

#5 Covid-19 (10-20)

This COVID audio file addresses and balances energies for the most recent COVID mutations.  For best support, use in conjunction with #1 COVID-19.

#6 Long Covid, Delta, EU

#7 Covid Omicron

#8 Covid H5N1

April 2002 Update.  Also called “FluRona” tone balances energies with cold flu symptoms.

Absidia mold

ACA Cardiolipin