Want to be a Spiropathix Practitioner?

Contact us for special package deals on focus filter test vial kits, and corresponding audio file tone sets! Vial to file is easier than you think!

Just muscle test through the vial kit to select the best audio file for you, then select the corresponding audio file by number, and play!

Spiropathix Practitioner Guidelines:

Practitioners who use this site understand and agree that Spiropathix audio tones are a Spiritual Art Form, and are not intended as medical treatment.

Practitioners suggest the use of these audio files to their clients to promote energy balancing, and emotional and spiritual healing. Selection of audio files, based on intuition or kinesiology, suggests the presence of an energy or vibration, and is not to be considered a physical examination, or a medical diagnosis or treatment.

Practitioners use their gifts and offer support for emotional and spiritual healing, and refer their clients to a medical doctor for medical concerns and treatment.

Practitioners not adhering to these guidelines are acting outside of the intention of Spiropathix LLC.